How to help your child add and subtract mentally

Key Stage 2 child add and subtract mentally mental maths

Many children really struggle with adding and subtracting mentally in their heads and often rely on using their fingers to count. I’ve seen this with children all the way up to Year 6. This really slows children down in arithmetic tests, mental maths tests and when using written column method to solve addition and subtraction. It can also be very frustrating for children and lower their confidence because they don’t feel they know any other way of mentally adding and subtracting.

The methods below are some of the foundations in helping your child build confidence and speed in their mental addition and subtraction skills.

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How to help your child with mental maths – Part 2

mental maths arithmetic key stage 2

In the next part of the mental maths series, we are going to look at multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Your child will come across these type of questions in their arithmetic tests but it is also a really important skill to help them answer other mental maths questions and to use within grid method for multiplication.

Children tend to start this in Year 4 and Year 5 and the aim is for children to be able to do this mentally. However, a good starting point is using a place value chart.

There are some rules to remember:

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How to help your child with mental maths – Part 1

mental maths key stage 2

In the new Year 6 SATS paper, children now have an arithmetic test which comprises of around 36 questions to be answered in 30 minutes. Children will start to practise these tests throughout Key Stage 2. The tests can be answered using written methods or mental methods. Some questions will have to be answered using written methods as the numbers will be too large or complicated for children to work out mentally. However, there will be lot of questions which can be answered mentally, saving valuable time in the test and allowing more questions to be answered. In this blog post, we will look at some of the mental maths methods your child can use in the tests.

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How to help your child learn their times tables

key stage two times tables division and multiplication facts

Times tables play an important part in Numeracy. They are needed across the Numeracy curriculum from fractions to chunking, to multiplication and beyond. I’ve seen children who are confident with a method, for example chunking, but have got the wrong answer simply because they do not know their tables. Helping children to feel secure with their times tables can really help to increase confidence in Numeracy.

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