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Key Stage 2 Maths and/or English Skype tutoring – 1:1 or small group sessions – to help bridge gaps in understanding, secure subject knowledge and increase confidence.

I also offer Year 6 SATS Maths and English tutoring; 11+ entrance exam Maths and English tutoring and Year 7 catch up sessions.

The sessions are available as a regular weekly slot after school during term time. I also offer tutoring sessions throughout the school holidays. Skype tutoring allows your child to learn in the comfort of their own home, without the logistics of drop offs and pick ups!

I am a fully qualified, experienced primary school teacher with an up-to-date knowledge of the current curriculum. I am friendly, patient and approachable. 

Please contact me via email at hello@blossomandsoar.co.uk for more details and costs.

Recent testimonials:

“My daughter had always struggled with maths from a young age, but it was becoming more and more apparent and she would panic thinking that she wouldn’t know the answer, before she had even given it a go, and with her entrance exams and SATS fast approaching I knew that we needed to get some additional support. So I contacted Louise and discussed everything with her over the phone and arranged one to one sessions once a week. It was without doubt the best decision I ever made. Louise had sessions with my daughter over Skype, which worked really well. The difference after only a few sessions was obvious. Louise had such a lovely way of explaining and teaching each of the techniques and my daughter flourished before my eyes. To the point that she actually started to enjoy maths which is something I never thought would happen, and she really looked forward to her tutor sessions each week. Louise gave her the confidence that she needed to give things a go, and everything else followed.

My daughter sat her entrance exams without any problems and was over the moon when she got offered a place at one of Bristol’s independent girls school. During our latest parents evening her teacher commented on how well she is now doing in maths and she had no worries regarding her SATS when she sits them next month.

I cannot thank Louise enough for everything she has done and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for some extra support from a tutor.” LG Year 6 parent 2022.

“My son struggles with confidence in Maths. We decided he needed help with gaining confidence, asking for help when needed, and also not being afraid of numbers!
He was struggling with Maths at school, and always felt like he was playing catch up, and never really on top of his work.

We decided to look for a tutor, and came across Louise. At first, we were apprehensive about having sessions over Skype, but we needn’t have been worried, as we can honestly say it’s worked amazingly well.

Louise is patient, understanding, and always ensures he is confident in what he is working on before moving on. He enjoys the games they play in lessons, so is learning without even realising it! Now, my son also has English lessons with Louise, and is also preparing for the 11+ exams.

Louise has been fantastic, and my son couldn’t have asked for a better teacher! Many thanks Louise.” Year 5 parent – July 2020

“Louise has been the best tutor, she has supported me with lots of subjects and covered bits where I have struggled. Louise has helped me and given me confidence. I had difficulties with ratio and I really wasn’t sure. I can use methods Louise has thought me to answer questions correctly. I now feel like I am a ratio expert along with algebra! I am quick with my times tables and I will always remember 8 times 8 … I ate and I ate until I was sixty four! I will never struggle with this tricky times table again! Thanks Louise for your help, Laila.”  – Year 6 pupil.

“D started working with Louise from half way through the first term of Year 5 when it came to light just how far behind she had got with her Maths, and in particular her times tables, which was then starting to impact her understanding on the rest of the mathematical concepts being taught. D had a weekly 45 min tutorial with Louise initially on English and Maths, and then focussing solely on Maths.  D enjoyed the sessions as they would always include some Maths games and Louise was able to give me some guidance on materials to help D during the week. Now by the end of Year 6 D has caught up and is now very able in her Maths, had she been able to sit her SATs we think she would have been able to achieve a very good mark indeed, and as it is we have no worries about her moving onto KS3. Many thanks Louise!” Year 6 parent – July 2020

“We had parents evening last week and it went so well. The teacher couldn’t have been more positive about F’s contribution in class, her confidence and resilience, especially in Maths. Compared to her slip in confidence last summer (which was the reason we started the tutoring) this is a huge turnaround. So, I wanted to say a huge thank you, as your calm approach & kind nature, helping Maths to be fun and not scary anymore, has made so much more of a positive impact than we expected. Long may it continue. Thank you, you are a star.” Mrs W – Year 5 parent – May 2020.

“Can’t thank you enough for all your help with C.  You have given him the confidence to enjoy and do well in maths.” Year 6 parent – Nov 2019

“My daughter Molly started having Skype lessons with Louise last year. Molly had a massive lack of confidence in Maths and was a little behind. I thought by Molly having lessons it would help her confidence. Louise was very patient with Molly going over things with Molly until she felt comfortable. When Molly had her mock SATS, I brought home the questions Molly struggled with and Louise went back over these with her. Molly had her SATS this year and we were amazed at what she has accomplished in a year! She got 109, 1 mark away from greater depth! For Molly, having the lessons via Skype made her feel happy and comfortable being able to stay in her own home. We are going to continue with the lessons throughout year 7. I just want to give Louise a massive thank you for all her support.” Kelly and Molly – July 2019

“Molly found the Skype sessions extremely helpful after struggling so long with maths. She was finally able to go into maths lessons with more confidence and strategies to answer things she never could before and it certainly paid off in her end of year report too.” Miss T July 2019

“I have known Louise for a long time and prior to Skype she was tutoring our daughter on a 1-2-1 basis. At first I was a little sceptical about Skype tutoring and wondering how our daughter would take to it & engage however she loved using the technology and started learning new skill sets straight away. Our daughter has continued to flourish under Louise’s guidance in the comfort of her own home without the need to travel around Bristol’s congested roads!” D.Gregor – July 2019

“My daughter M was really struggling in year 4 so we decided to get her some additional support in English and Maths.
A family member recomended Louise at Blossom and Soar, so I contacted her to find out more.  At first I was a little apprehensive about the fact it would be Skype session as I was concerned that it wouldn’t be as engaging, however decided to go with it and I was pleasantly surprised at just how well it works. Any worries that I had disappeared after the first session.
I really like the fact you don’t have to rush around trying to get somewhere and that I can get on with tea whilst M is having her session, it also means that I don’t have someone coming to my house every week.  
M really likes that she gets to use Skype for her session and it’s just like having Louise in the room.  M has a white board that she uses during the session so that Louise can see how she’s doing. Louise emails me any worksheets or support documents straight after the session ready to use during the week or for the following week.
Louise is an excellent teacher, she’s really friendly and engaging and makes learning really fun. She’s explains things really well and is always happy to keep going over things until M feels confident.
It’s also been great help for me as Louise has answered any questions I’ve had regarding year 5 work so that I am able to support M with her homework.
With the additional support that M has received from Louise (especially with times tables) she has caught up to where she should be at the end of year 5 and really feels prepared for year 6.
I would highly recommend Louise and the Skype sessions.” Mrs H – July 2019

“One of the most important parts for me when searching for a tutor was trust, and a warm & friendly nature – Louise certainly ticks all those boxes.  Because of Louise’s lovely nature, this has made Freya feel at ease with additional learning. 
Freya has been attending a variety of different sessions with Louise for a number of years, mainly 1:1 sessions and more recently small group sessions. I am in no doubt that this has been a significant help to Freya, giving her confidence in the theories applied to learning, and a real help and confidence boost in SATS preparation. The sessions are tailored to the needs of your child, and as Louise is a very experienced teacher they are aligned to the curriculum, and enhance what they are learning in school.

I would also recommend using Louise’s website, where there is a lot of useful information that can help your child with Literacy & Numeracy of Key Stage 2.  A big thank you to Louise! I would highly recommend Louise as a private tutor.” Teresa Warren – Y6 parent.

“My daughter has been attending Miss Budd’s tutoring group for a while and has come on leaps and bounds, her confidence has grown and she is achieving higher grades in school. We are very pleased with her progress.” K Harshaw – Y6 parent.

“My daughter Edie has been tutoring with Louise for several months. She has taken part in small group lessons and 1:1 lessons for both Maths and English. It has really helped her confidence and improved her level of understanding on many topics. Louise always provides feedback on her progress and suggests any areas she still needs to work on. She also issues homework sheets and additional tasks that Edie can do at home. Edie is always happy to attend Louise’s sessions and enjoys her extra lessons (especially when she returns home with a new novelty rubber for her collection!)”  Erica Cross – Y6 parent.

“I would highly recommend Louise Budd as a private tutor. My son has attended both 1:1 and also group sessions for Maths. Louise adapts the learning to each individual child. The lessons are fun and often based around games to keep the children interested and focused. The children also come home with worksheets and games to practise what they have been learning in the session. Louise is always friendly and very approachable, and makes the children feel comfortable when they go there.” Alison Slavin – Y6 parent.

“My son started working with Miss Budd approximately 8 months before taking his 11+, initially the odd session during the holidays and then more regularly on fortnightly basis for the last 4 months. The advice and support she gave him in preparing for his maths and English examinations was invaluable. The expert knowledge as to the standard of work expected from a year 6 student, particularly in regards to English, without doubt gave him the confidence in his own ability that he could pass the exams. The timed tasks during his sessions also helped immensely with exam preparation and managing his time, again allowing him to feel confident and prepared when the day came. I would definitely recommend Miss Budd to anybody looking for additional support for their child when preparing for the 11+ as I have no doubt she contributed heavily to my son’s strong performance and being awarded a place at his chosen school.” DC – Y6 parent.